SIMS Inc. is proud to announce the creation of SIMS Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia of all things SIMS. You will
be able to find information relating to SIMS Products, SIMS Procedures, and any other noteworthy items going on at SIMS. This site is designed to be
interactive between SIMS Staff and SIMS Customers. The more information that people add to SIMS Wikipedia the more interactive SIMS can become with its

Why should you use SIMS Wikipedia?

This is a good question and the answer is simple. As a SIMS user SIMS Wikipedia is a place for you to share your experiences as well as your ideas on how
to use SIMS products in the most effective way. SIMS Wikipedia can be the answer for those pesky questions you want answered, but don't have time to call
about. It is SIMS belief that SIMS Wikipedia can become the go to place for all your answers relating to SIMS products. SIMS Wikipedia is a way for both
SIMS customers and SIMS Staff to become more familiar with one another, and promote growth within the SIMS family.

How to use SIMS Wikipedia?

As a user of SIMS Wikipedia you have the ability to view vast amounts of information as well as make your voice heard. There are varying types of content
that you will find throughout the site, such as: Articles, Forums, Basic Pages, and Blogs.

  • Articles are designed to talk about the different issues SIMS users have faced as well as things that SIMS Staff feel can be useful to SIMS Customers.
  • Basic Pages are for generic content that will not change over time. Examples of these are pages that relate to the different products SIMS offers.
  • Forums are a place for people to ask questions and both SIMS Staff and SIMS Customers to share experiences. Forums is an area where SIMS in visions beneficial
    conversation between everyone who uses SIMS.
  • Blogs are designed for SIMS Staff to share their ideas on all things relating to SIMS. This can be just general ideas on best practices to unique incidents
    that other SIMS customers may find beneficial.

As a Customer you will have the ability to view, create, and edit almost all of these different content types. All Content will be monitored by SIMS Staff
and published with the intention to post pertinent information for SIMS users to proactively encourage growth within the SIMS family.

Getting started is as easy at 1, 2, 3

  • Go to
  • Click on the link Create new account. Fill in the user name you would like to use and your email
    address. Click on the Create new account button and just sit back and wait for your approval.
  • Check your email for your approval email. You now have access to SIMS Wikipedia. Please look around the site and feel free to share your vast knowledge
    of all things SIMS.

Once you have your approval email, it is time to get started. Click on the link in the email to setup your password and account details. Once this is done
you can go explore SIMS Wikipedia.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 1-800-395-7467 or email with your